Our Artists

We have worked tirelessly to source a fabulous range of artists over the past 12 months.  The majority are local to Staffordshire.  They bring with them a diverse skill set to make our gallery stand out from the rest.

Ella Averill – Graphic Desinger / Illustrator

Michael Bailey – Author / Artist

India Rose Bird – Wood Engraving / Printer

Mark Bond – Pyrographer

Marie Brown – Graphite Artist

Sophie Cartmell – Illustrator

Lene Davies – Handmade Soap

Roger Davies – Metal Sculptor

Becky Foxton – Fantasy Art

Anne Gilbert – Alpaca Textiles

Rowen Harvey – Illustrator

Jo Higgins – Water Colour Artist / Double Exposure Photography

Eszter Katona – Illustrator

Viv Lucas – Mixed Media Artist

Lizzy Lowe – Textiles

Rosie Midwood – Mixed Media / Textile Artist

Michele McDonald – Mixed Media Artist (Partner of the Messy Hare)

Clare Morgan – Mixed Media and Print Artist

Kay Peacock  – Fairy Crafter

Suzanne Plamping – Traditional Bobbin Lace Artist

Hannah Sawtell – Mixed Media Illustrator

Sarah Seed – Decoupage Creative

Angeline Trevena – Author

Allison Turner – Ceramicist

Joanna Trounson  – Fused Glass Artist

Muriel Valentine – Painter

Connie Wan-Docksey – Papercutter

Jackie Ward – Tree Huggery – Mixed Media Artist

Mark Watkins – Collage Artist

Louise Welch – Oil Painter

Emma Wharton – Painter